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Discover and enjoy the beauties of the imposing Mountains' Fjord with six great glaciers that reach that reach the sea level, and hundreds of hanging glaciers that cover the summits of the Sarmiento mountain range.

On board our boat "Explorador Patagonia II" we will set sail from Puerto Natales, navigating through Almirante Montt gulf and the famous Kirke narrow, until we finally arrive at fjord and we sail it from South to North viewing all the glaciers.

During this great expedition we do some hikes to very inhospitable places that amaze by its beauty. We will disembark in our zodiac to approach the glaciers Zamudio, Hermann and Bernal, being possible to touch the ice of the latter, completing a lifetime experience in the patagonian fjords.


Early we set sail from Puerto Natales, we have to cross the gulf Admirant Montt, the famous Kirke narrow and Morla Vicuña to reach the entrance of the Mountains' fjord, which will take us about 5 hours. We will have lunch during the navigation.

Once in the fjord, we will disembark in our zodiac boat to approach the shore and hike about 1 hour among peat, rocks and cypress forests, until we reach the "lagoon of the Avalanches", which is under a hanging glacier that feeds this lagoon with its avalanches.
Then we continue our trip to the Zamudio glacier, where we will descend our zodiac to approach and get some ice from the glacier that we can find floafing around by the glacier. We Continue navigationg for two more hours to reach north end of the fjord, viewing on the way the glaciers Kiara, Alsina and Paredes.

To finish the day, we return to the center of the fjord where we'll anchor to enjoy a delicious dinner and spend the night.


After a nice breakfast, we will descend on our zodiac boat and sail until approaching Hermann glacier, which is near by where we spend the night. It is only possible to arrive by small boat. This glacier is located at the bottom of a small fjord surounded by huge walls of rocks with glaciers hanging from its summits. It is also home to hundreds of imperial cormorants.

Then we will visit the Bernal glacier, where we will hike along a path that passes by moraines and crosses through a small pro-glacier lake until we get to touch the ice of this glacier. Here you can enjoy a unique landscape and a pleasant talk from our guide explaining about the glaciers.

Finally we return to Puerto Natales by the same route that we did the previous day, arriving at the port around 18:00 hours.

In the map it's possible to see the navigation route(orange line) and the hiking tracks to the lagoon and the Bernal glacier (green line).

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It is possible to make this navigation and hiking expedition any time of the year. We departure with a minimum of 5 participant, up to a maximum of 16. Subject to availability and weather conditions.
It's an amazing trip for organized groups or families!




- The navigation is subject to the weather conditions.
- A minimum of 5 passengers is required, up to a maximum of 16.
- Each participant must bring :
· personal hygiene supplies.
· headlamp, sunglasses, hat, gloves.
· warm clothing; first layers, fleece, fether jacket, etc.
· personal waterproof equipment; jacket, pants and boots of GoreTex tecnology or similiar.
* The brand Arc'teryx has proofed to be very efficent in the cold and rainy weather of the fjords. Our guides use it and recommend it.


- Navigation from Puerto Natales to the Mountains' fjord, passing by all its glaciers.
- Accommodation in our exclusive vessel refuge.
- Meals during the navigation; breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- Local guide service during the entire trip.
- A lifetime experience!.


- Any other service Not specified in this program.
- Tips.
- Personal Insurance.


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