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When you go trekking to the mountains, normally you can find mountain refuges to cover the basic needs, as shelter, meals and sleeping berths. But, what if instead of going to the mountains, you would like to go trekking to the fjords? And not just any fjords, but the remote and uncharted fjords of Patagonia!...Would it be possible?
A question we asked ourselves and have answered with facts!

We have set the first and only floating Refuge in one of the most remote areas, as is Kawesqar National Park, making it possible to go trekking and explore the amazing Mountains fjord and surroundings with the basic needs covered. Such an innovative idea that is unique in Chile and the world!

"Explorador Patagonia" is a wooden boat covered with fiberglass, optimally equipped with all the necessary implementation and comfort for different kind of expeditions that require to navigate and explore autonomously the fjords of Patagonia for weeks. In November of each year we navigate to the Mountains fjord and anchor this boat in the heart of this fjord and we don't move it again until March, to make it become our Floating Refuge during these months.

During the season, this Refuge is our home and our base of operations for our trekking expeditions in the area.

This boat measures 17 meters long and 4 meters wide. It has been design carefully to use the best way each little corner to cover all the basic needs and have the following facilities:

Drying room
2 bathrooms. One with hot shower!
Common room with an amazing bar along the windows
2 cabin with 4 berth ech
Upper deck
Electricity 220V during the day
Central heating in all rooms

This refuge can hold a maximum of 8 guests, plus the 3 crew.
How to get
The only access to this remote area is by sea. Yet there are 2 ways to get, both involve navigation, but one of this ways has a combination between navigation, car ride and trekking.

In the map shown lower it's possible to see the 2 access way to the floating Refuge marked with different colors:
- The white line is the direct way. Only by sea.
- The orange line is the way with combinations.
I would like to spend a night here!
Check our expedition that includes a night in this amazing floating Refuge.
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