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Satisfy the needs of people who love outdoor activities in the most pristine and beautiful destinations, creating innovative and exclusive tourist expeditions in the fjords and canals of Patagonia, delivering a very professional and excellence service, making our Customers live an unforgettable experience. Always committed to the care and conservation of the environment.


To be recognized internationally as a solid company, expert in exclusive tourist products of excellent quality in the zone of fjords in Patagonia. Innovate our offer, always maintaining the exclusivity, the excellent quality in the services and the commitment with the environment, being an exemplary company.

About us

We are local workers and entrepreneurs from the Chilean Patagonia. We have experience organizing, guiding and carrying out logistics in many expeditions throughout Patagonia, providing services to renowned international companies; Whether campsite and guided tours in Torres del Paine National Park, or expeditions in the most inhospitable places in the fjords.

With the objective of finding new tourist destinations, since 2008, we have made many expeditions to different places in the fjords and canals of Patagonia. In our adventures we discover the last corners of the world that have not yet been explored; So unknown that they do not even have a name. We managed to create and register new trekking routes, mountain passes, first ascents and many more experiences. We empower our fjords to protect them and add value in a responsible and very professional way.

We seek to satisfy the needs of those customers who love nature, trekking, navigation and above all, the tranquility of a pristine place; Being the only ones in the area. In this way, we've created totally innovative and exclusive tourist products in the fjord lands.

With a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 participants we make each expedition, allowing personalized and quality attention.

We are very proud to be the creators of a new and amazing trekking circuit in this new destination, making us the first and the only ones to have accommodations in the Mountains' Fjord; on board of our exclusive floating refuge or mobile campsites. Also, daily excursions and innovative expeditions that complement trekking with navigations. We begin our operations this season 2016-2017.

Our ideology is to impact as minimum as possible in the places where this project is developed, so we take steps and actions necessary to achieve a true commitment to the care of the environment. Our operation is temporary, permiting the place to rest from our presence. During our expeditions and stay in general, we will meticulously remove everything that we must bring for our operation and does not belong to the place; from human waste to the floating refuge itself. At the end of the season, we retired leaving absolutely everything as pure as ever.

The Companies

12 years of experience leading trekking circuits in the Torres del Paine National Park, expeditions in the fjords of Patagonia & on the Southern Ice Field.

Patagonian Fjords
Expeditions Company

10 years of experience delivering excellent service on every navigation by the fjords and canals, on board of its comfortable fully equipped boats.

Exploradores Patagonia
Floating Refuge Company

10 years of experience and excellent service, attending more than 1,000 clients that every season stay over, in their campsites in Torres del Paine National Park.

South Camp
Campsites Company

Our working team

Hector "Chino"

He was born in Puerto Natales and grew up in Puerto Edén, the only village in the fjords of Patagonia. He is an Eco-tourism technician & a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR). His passion for nature, mountains, sea and adventure, led him to open new trekking routes, achieving to value the great and natural attraction of the Patagonian fjords. Always smiling, enthusiastic, professional and very friendly. You won't get bored with his company during our adventures.

Hector Diaz "son"
Founder / Expedition Guide

Hector "tito"

He was born in Coyhaique, northern Patagonia. He belonged 25 years to the police forces of Chile, spending his life in the most remote places of Patagonia, both in the pampas and in the sea. He lived for 12 years in Puerto Edén, the only village in the fjords, where he was captain of the police patrol boat, with which he navigated throughout the fjord area. All the experience gained led him to become a naval entrepreneur today. He added his vision, so he designed his own boats.

Hector Diaz "father"
Founder / Refuge Logistics

Luis "Lucho"

He was born and raised in Puerto Natales. The love for his land led him to work since very young in Torres del Paine. He studied Tourism and worked for some years in important companies in Patagonia, until he decided to become independent. Today he has more than 10 years of experience organizing and carrying out the logistics of tourist programs throughout the Region. He is in charge of logistics and reservations in Puero Natales, being essential for the development of our programs.

Luis Estrada
Co-founder / Camp Logistics

Cristian "Pin"

He was born and raised in Puerto Natales. He studied local and international gastronomy in Punta Arenas. For 5 years he is been part of our team, accompanying each expedition in the fjords of Patagonia. He's always waiting for us with a big smile and delicious meals.

Cristian España
Refuge Cook

Jose "Gurka"

He was born and raised in Puerto Natales. Since very young began to work in the fjords area as artisanal fisherman, getting to know the most inhospitable places. He is been part of our crew for 7 years, standing out for his skills and knowledge. Always ready to collaborate and accompany us on our expeditions.

Jose Fajardo
Boat Captain / Porter

Victor "Papa"

He was born and raised in Patagonia. For 6 years he is been part of our camps; In charge of prepare everything in the camps and cook a nice dinner. He always contributes with his ingenuity and enough experience in different areas, having solution to each situation.

Victor Oyarzun
Camp Cook