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We are a family business local from Puerto Natales, in the Chilean Patagonia. We have years of experience guiding, arranging trips and carrying out logistics in many expeditions and touristic programms throughout all Patagonia, either in Torres del Paine National Park or in the most inhospitable places in the fjords of Chile.

With the objective of finding new tourist destinations, since 2008 we have done many expeditions in different seasons of the year to explore different amazing places all around the fjords and channels of Patagonia.
In our adventures we've got to such remote corners of the world that had not yet been fully explored, so unknown that they didn't even have a name and we had the privilege to name some.

After many years of expeditions we managed to register new trekking routes, mountain passes, first ascents to summits and many more experiences. We've empowered of our fjords to protect them and add value in a sustainable and very professional way, founding this company focused on opening new tourist expeditions totally innovative and exclusive in the Patagonian fjords.

With great pride we created a new and surprising multi-day trekking circuit around the Mountains fjord, in the Kawesqar National Park, opening this new destination to develop adventure tourism, becoming the first and only to offer basic services in this fjord. We operated in different places with accomodation services, composed of an authentic floating refuge and two camps "Resi" and "Kiara", being the only company authorized by the administrators of the area (Conaf) to establish camps and to trek around the Resi and Mountains fjords.

We began operating in this fjord in December 2016 until the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020. Since then we have removed all camps, boats and the floating refuge from the Mountains fjord and closed all of our operations to date and until further notice.



Born in Coyhaique. He belonged 25 years to the police forces of Chile spending his life in the most remote places of Patagonia. He lived 12 years in Puerto Edén, the only village in the fjords, where he was the captain of the police patrol boat. He navigated throughout the fjords. His experience gained led him to become a naval entrepreneur today. His vision made him desig his own boats.

Hector Diaz "father"
Founder / Logistics


Born in Puerto Natales. He grew up in Puerto Edén, the only village in the fjords of Patagonia. He is an Eco-tourism technician & a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR). His passion for nature, mountains, the sea and adventure led him to open new trekking routes in the Patagonian fjords. Always smiling, enthusiastic, professional and very friendly.

Hector Diaz "son"
Founder / Expedition Guide


Brother of Héctor Díaz "father".
He has sailed for more than 30 years through the fjords and channels of Chile, from Puerto Montt to Navarino Island. The great experience and knowledge of him provide peace of mind during navigation. He is always willing to share the many anecdotes of him with whoever accompanies him on the bridge.

Jose Diaz
Captain Explorador Patagonia II


Born in and rised Puerto Natales. Since very young he began to work in the fjords area as artisanal fisherman, getting to know the most inhospitable places. He is been part of our crew for 9 years, very kind and always ready to collaborate and to accompany us in our expeditions.

Jose Fajardo
Boat captain


Born and rised in Puerto Natales. He studied local and international gastronomy in Punta Arenas. For 5 years he is been part of our team, accompanying each expedition in the fjords of Patagonia. He's always waiting for us with a big smile and delicious meals.

Cristian España


Born in and rised Puerto Natales. He is an Adventure Tourism Technician & a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR). His passion for the outdoors led him to live a new adventure in the fjords. Always helpfull and kind.

Camilo Gesell
Boat Captain


ASP UIAGM-IFMGA Mountain Guide
He was born and raised in the heart of the Andes Mountains. At the age of 14 he made his first climbs in Cajon del Maipo with his brother Juan and his close relatives. At 18 he made his first summits in Torres del Paine, being the youngest Chilean to reach its summit, having a complete curriculum with incredible peaks around the world from the Himalayas to Patagonia.

Cristobal Señoret
Expedition Guide


Born and rised in Punta Arenas. At his 20 years old he decided to go living in the mountains. He is passioned in adventure sports, specialy climbing and skiing. Risk Preventer & certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR). His great experience in the mountains and his easy going style will company you during the expeditions.

Nicolas Secul
Expedition Guide