In March of 2020 the Covid-19 virus reaches Puerto Natales and the pandemic begins with all the problems and restrictions in the entire world. This situation made us take the decision of setting down all camps and take them out of the Mountains fjord altogether with the boats and floating refuge, closing our operations. During two years we couldn’t carry out any expedition.

Currently we are offering private expeditions, but we will not set our logistic operations in the Mountains fjord again, so we no longer offer the camps or the floating refuge services with regular departures from Puerto Natales as we used to do.

Our offer of private expeditions give you the option to create your own expedition, for the amount of days that you desire, with the activities that you would like to do and to the destination that you prefer, such as Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, Puerto Eden, Kawesqar Nacional Park and Reserve, Francisco Coloane Marine Park or any other.

What people comment?

Amazing and unique experience

For anyone who is interested in a very unique experience. The two days trip took us in three boats, one car ride and two hikes to a beautiful and remote areas of the park...

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What people comment?


Realmente una experiencia que llega al corazón y lo inunda de satisfacción...
Patagonian Fjords Expeditions es ABSOLUTAMENTE recomendable!!!

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What people comment?

UNREAL Adventure

I cannot recommend more highly this 4-day trek experience...
These guys are a family, not employees following some standard procedure...

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For more than 16 years we have explored the Patagonian fjords, sailing and walking through the most inhospitable and beautiful corners, looking for the best destinations to develop outdoor activities and in this way offer the most exclusive and authentic expeditions to our clients ... a real and memorable experience!
Since the year 2016 until the Covid-19 pandemic began, in March of 2020, we were operating regular trekking expeditions in the Mountains fjord, at Kawesqar National Park, being the first and only ones to set a logistic and offer accommodation services with our exclusive floating Refuge and with our camps "Resi" and "Kiara".
Our ideology is to impact as minimum as possible, so we take the necessary measures and actions in each expedition to achieve our true commitment to the environment, from carrying our waste, to not making marks or creating trails when we go trekking, so that all the environment is kept as natural as possible.


30 years navigating through the patagonian fjords and 20 years experience guiding and organizing touristic programs in all Patagonia become us experts.


Each of our team is an expert in its area, experienced and trained, so the result of the work together is very professional.


Each expedition is taken with professionalism and dedication, carrying out a great logistics to achieve a safe experience for our clients.


Our tourist expeditions run with small groups and one at a time, being each of these groups the only one in the immensity of the fjordlands.


Our team work is local, as are our suppliers. We rescue our ancestral identity and history. We carry out social interventions.


In each expedition we carry out actions to reduce our impact. We don't mark trails and we take with us all of our wastes.